Thinking of downsizing your house?

There can be benefits to downsizing.

There are many reasons that downsizing may be right for you. You may have too much space now that the kids have left the house, or you’re retiring, or the payments have become overwhelming. One advantage of downsizing is less responsibility. A smaller home means less to care for. Cleaning, repairs, and yard work can be more manageable and less costly in a smaller house.

Ready to start a new chapter when you retire?

When it’s time to scale back from working, you may want to put less time, money, and effort into your house. Downsizing can help you do just that. Or maybe you’re ready for a complete change of scenery—the cool mountains and coastlines of the Northwest, the forests of Vermont, the warm and dry climates of New Mexico, or the easy lifestyle of the southeastern beaches.

We Buy Ugly Houses® can buy your home exactly “as is,” meaning no repairs or cleaning needed, and we pay all cash and close fast—often in as little as three weeks, or later, if that’s convenient for you.

Downsizing the family home means downsizing responsibilities.

It’s simple—less home means less to care for. Cleaning, repairs, yard work, and furniture can all get much simpler and less costly when you move to a smaller home.

When should you downsize your house? And are you wondering how you’ll ever sell the one you’re in?

As we mentioned earlier, downsizing can be brought on by financial concerns, an empty nest, retirement, or other factors. As welcome as the lifestyle change might be, making it a reality has a potentially major obstacle—selling your present house.

You’ve probably been through this before—making long-postponed repairs, cleaning like never before, hiring a real estate agent, clearing out of the house to make way for showings, leaving it on the market for an uncertain period of time—it can be a lot of upfront costs and take weeks or months.

We Buy Ugly Houses can buy your home exactly as it is, no repairs or cleaning needed, and we pay all cash and close fast—often in as little as three weeks or when it works for you. Plus, we don’t charge commissions, and we pay typical closing costs. Think of all the time and money that can save you. There’s no easier or quicker way to sell your house and get on with the next chapter in your life.

We’ll even buy it with the furniture and contents you want to leave behind, so you don’t have to pack up and move them. As you may have heard on, we've done it all before.

It won’t cost you any money and only about an hour or so of your time to find out how much cash we’ll pay you for your house. And you’ll be under no obligation to accept our offer, so you have nothing to lose but a house that’s standing between you and the life you want to enjoy. Just call 866-288-9492 or use our online form to connect with your local We Buy Ugly Houses property specialist.

How we work

At We Buy Ugly Houses, we've helped more homeowners out of ugly situations than anyone and have the trusted know-how to close quickly with an all-cash offer. We treat each house and each seller as a completely unique situation, and we’ll work with you to determine how we can best help you and your current situation. We make selling your house quick, easy, and hassle-free. You have nothing to lose except the stress and expense of selling your house any other way.