Selling an inherited house.

Wondering what happens when you inherit a house?

It’s an amazing kindness when a relative remembers you by willing you a house. But often, what happens when you inherit a house is you become responsible for the monthly mortgage payments, the annual insurance premiums, property taxes and any other liens or debt on the property. You may own it with other relatives that all have a say in the decisions about the house. And there’s Federal inheritance tax to pay. Plus, you may be having to deal with the house from several states away.

In our experience, it’s pretty common that an inherited house becomes more of a burden than a blessing.

You have options for selling an inherited house.

Usually, people who want to sell an inherited house consider the traditional listing and selling process first. What they rarely consider is the upfront cost of updating, repairing, cleaning, and staging the house to get it ready for sale, all while potentially needing multiple parties to agree on each of those decisions. Then there are real estate agent fees and closing costs to consider. Plus, there’s no guarantee how quickly it will sell.

What about a quick all-cash sale?

A quick and easy cash sale to We Buy Ugly Houses® can be just the solution. You don’t need to the clean the property or repair anything. We can even deal with the contents of the house. Take whatever you want and leave the rest.

We don’t charge commissions, and we pay all normal closing costs. We can close in as few as three weeks, or later, if you like, and you could have cash to pay inheritance taxes, resolve debt, and put in savings. The only thing you and the other inheritors have to agree on is our all-cash offer to buy the house “as is.”

How we work

We Buy Ugly Houses® treats each seller, house, and situation as unique and works with you to determine how we can help you best. We’ve helped more homeowners out of ugly situations than anyone and have the trusted know-how to close quickly with an all-cash offer. With over 25 years of experience buying houses, our long-lasting relationships with lenders makes financing easy. We’ll visit the house you’ve inherited at no cost, and you’re under no obligation to accept our offer. Our goal is to make selling quick, easy, and hassle-free.